Ski-area Klínovec

The ski area of Klínovec is the largest ski resort in Krušné hory (the Krušné mountains), and is located 120 km west of Prague near the German border. Ski pistes of all difficulty levels are regularly maintained. The resort guarantees good snow conditions via artificial snow making system coverings 100 % of total 7.4 km ski slopes. The ski area also offers a snow-park and 5km long regularly maintained cross country route. In summer the area is utilised for extreme sports and adrenaline activities.

Karlovy Vary

The world famous Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is full of aristocratic charm, with the world class spa & wellness facilities. The uniqueness of Karlovy Vary lies mainly in the balneological treatment that exploits mineral springs. Balneology, however, is only one of the many highlights of the city situated in the heart of Europe. The town has a rich history as already before World War I, Karlovy Vary was one of the leading spa resorts in Europe frequently visited by famous artists, scientists and aristocrats.

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